The Top Four Reasons Drains in Kitchen Sinks Become Blocked

A blocked drain in your kitchen is not only an inconvenience, if not fixed promptly, can result in flooding and property damage costing you a fortune in the long run. The best thing to do is get in contact with a reliable, licensed plumber who can resolve the issue quickly and effectively. There are a number of reasons your kitchen drains can become blocked but, here are the top 4.

  1. Root Damage

If your sewer pipes are old, they may have small cracks or holes in them. Tree roots can find their way into these holes because the pipes are full of all the things they need to survive such as water, nutrients and oxygen. Once the roots have made their way inside, they quickly grow causing blockage of the pipes.

  1. Grease

Grease builds up in your kitchen sink from washing your dishes and cooking equipment. Grease and oil may go down the sink in liquid form but by the time it gets further down into the colder parts of the drain, it begins to solidify, restricting the flow of water through your pipes.

  1. Food

It’s easy for food to make its way down our kitchen sinks, especially when we are washing and rinsing dishes on a daily basis. Foods such as rice and pasta can cause havoc in your drains as they swell when left in water, then eventually turn into a paste that sticks to the insides of your pipes.

  1. Coffee Grounds

Surprisingly, coffee grounds are another common reason for blocked kitchen drains. Over time they build up and compact in your pipes, oftentimes stopping the flow of water completely.

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