Four Reasons Why Your Water Pressure is Low

Poor water pressure can be frustrating. Your shower is a mere trickle, it is hard to wash the car, and watering the garden takes forever. There can be many reasons for low water pressure. Here are the four common ones.

  1. Council Works

Council routinely do repairs and maintenance that can affect your water pressure. Generally, you will receive advanced notice in your letterbox. If your water pressure has only been low for up to a couple of days, it could be that your local council is doing repairs. Check your Council’s websites for updates.

  1. Pipe Wear and Tear

Your pipes are designed to last for decades, however they do corrode with wear and tear. When pipes corrode the corrosion can build up inside the pipes and partially, or completely block them, causing low water pressure. This is generally seen in older properties where the pipes need replacing.

  1. You Need a Plumber for Leaky Pipes

If your pipes are leaking this can cause the water pressure to become low. You will need a plumber for leaky pipes to fix the problems. Once fixed your water will run at a normal pressure again.

  1. Blocked Drains

Low water pressure can be a result of drains becoming blocked due to a build-up of dirt and debris. Other particles can also get caught and block the pipes. This can include food scraps and fats and oils from the kitchen sink, and excess hair and soap particles in the bathroom drains.

When you need a plumber for blocked sinks and drains, contact them quickly before the problem escalates. Blocked drains left untreated can become smelly and unhygienic.

If your water pressure is low, contact a licensed plumber in Sydney for a professional diagnosis. We can help you with a plumber for blocked sinks, leaky pipes, bathroom plumbing, toilet overflow and more. Contact us at SC Crown Plumbing for a consultation today.

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