4 Reasons Why You Should Install a Rainwater Tank in Your Home

A rainwater tank can come in handy when you want to be as sustainable as possible, or even just when you don’t want to spend too much money on your water bill each month. Although installing one can be an easy DIY project if you have the right equipment, it’s also recommended that you hire a plumber Bella Vista to help with the installation process. Here are four reasons why you should install a rainwater tank in your home.

Reduces Your Water Bills:

One of the main reasons people install rainwater tanks is to save money on their water bills. Depending on the size of your tank and the amount of rainfall in your area, you could see a significant reduction in your water bill each month. In addition, using rainwater for your landscaping needs can also help reduce your water bill. It’s free, doesn’t need to be filtered or treated like tap water before use, and it has fewer chemicals than other sources of water.

Great For the Environment:

Experts in plumbing Bella Vista recommend installing a rainwater tank because it’s great for the environment. Not only does it help reduce your reliance on city water, but it also captures rainwater that would otherwise be lost to runoff. That means less strain on local water resources and less pollution overall. An added benefit is protection against drought. Cities can’t provide everyone with enough drinking water during times of severe drought, so installing a rainwater tank now could help you consume water in such situations.

Prevents Water Drilling:

In many areas around the world, including Australia, water is a very precious commodity. One of the best ways to conserve this natural resource is to install a rainwater tank. An expert specialised in plumbing Bella Vista says that rainwater tanks prevent water drilling and the negative environmental impact that comes with it. In areas where it is hard to reach ground water, rainwater tank could be massively helpful.

Rebate from Government:

The Australian government is currently offering a $1000 rebate for those who install a rainwater tank in their home. This is a great incentive for those who are looking to save money on their water bill and help the environment. Many homeowners are turning to this alternative source of drinking water because it’s safer, healthier, tastier, cheaper, environmentally-friendly and self-sufficient. The rainwater tank must be of at least 2000 litres in order to be eligible for the program.

Most people don’t realize that rainwater makes up about half of all the water that falls on Earth, which means you’re already paying to collect it from your roof. So why not put it to use in your home? In addition to being more environmentally friendly than conventional sources of water, rainwater tanks have many benefits that makes your investment totally worth it. Talk to an emergency plumber Bella Vista if you have any questions.

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