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At C.S Crown Plumbing Services in Sydney and surrounding suburbs like – North Sydney, St Ives, Quakers Hill, Dural, Western Sydney, Windsor, Strathfield, Sydney CBD, Glenorie, Berowra, Blacktown & more. Once we have unblocked your drains, we offer FREE CCTV inspection services for all types of pipes, sewer lines, drains, and underground conduits to identify the exact cause of the issue.

CCTV drain inspections make locating blockages and broken pipes easier. It is cost effective and gives precise and real-time results. With No excavations required it also avoids breaking up above ground structures.

The CCTV cameras can be used to accurately inspect and assess pipelines, sewers and make recordings of:

  • The condition of the sub-surface infrastructure
  • The location of blockages and collapsed pipes
  • The location of junctions and bends
  • Reveal any tree root growth, crushed pipes or misaligned pipes

Our team of experts performs CCTV inspections on sewer and stormwater drains, conduits, boreholes and manholes, and underground storage tanks too. The recordings help in planning remedial and repair works, confirm the exact depth and location of the issue as well as the length and type of pipe and other materials which may need to be removed or used in the remedial process.

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