Steps to Take When Faced with an Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet can be a nightmare, particularly if you are not equipped with the right tools and information to properly handle the situation. Here are some tips to help you if you happen to find yourself dealing with a blocked or overflowing toilet.

Firstly, locate the valve that shuts off the flow of water from your toilet. You will usually find this at the base of your toilet but if yours doesn’t to have one, open the tank at the top and set your float to stay in its position so that it doesn’t allow any more water to escape.

If water has overflowed from the bowl onto the floor, try and mop it up as quickly as possible, either with a mop and bucket or a water vacuum, if you have one accessible, to prevent it from spreading throughout the floor. If you decide to soak up the water using towels, make sure you wash them thoroughly with disinfectant. Also, disinfect the entire area and surrounding areas where the water has leaked to avoid the spread of germs.

If the culprit is a foreign object stuck in the toilet, make sure to wear protective gloves before reaching in to pull it out. You may need to use a plunger to help with this. If this doesn’t solve your issue, contact a licensed, professional plumber.

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