The Immediate Steps to Take if Your Hot Water System is Leaking

Have a hot water system and want to know how to keep it working in top condition? That is what to do in case of leaks? Almost all hot water systems come with a long product guarantee, so you might forget that this an appliance that you use often. Therefore, most hot water system leaks go unnoticed for a long period of time.

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Read below to find out what to do in the case of a hot water leak:

  • Identify the source of the problem: This is the first step. Identify that the leak is originating from your system. Make sure that the leakage is from the pipes/tank that is connected to the system as opposed to the nearby pipes.
  • Get some assistance: When you have identified the main issues, the best course of action to take is by getting in touch with a plumber. Except if you have proven expertise in handling such cases, then it is safe to look into the issue yourself.
  • Utilise a hands-on approach: Depending on how severe the leak is, you should be proactive and turn off the mains. This will reduce the overall damage and you will end up saving lots of $$$.
  • Plan ahead: if your leak is quite severe, then its best to switch off the mains completely. However, if you are at home during that time and the plumber is a few hours away, you should plan well in advance and fill some bottles or buckets with water, so you can put them to use whilst you wait.
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