Four Reasons Why CCTV Drain Inspection Is a Better Option

A CCTV drain inspection is a great option if you want to know about the condition of your sewer and drain systems underground. This easy and non-intrusive method is a good option if you must locate the source of any trouble.

This pipe inspection is great to find out:

  • The condition of the sub-surface infrastructure: This is to find out the condition of things like drains and pipes. There is no drilling or excavation required for this process.
  • The location of blockages and collapsed pipes: A CCTV drain inspection can pinpoint the exact location of the trouble, so you can save time and solve the issue precisely and quickly.
  • The location of junctions and bends: Underground pipework often bends and turn and are not usually straight. Using A CCTV drain is a clever way to find where these bends are, so you can ensure you fix the problem correctly.
  • Reveal any tree root growth, crushed pipes or misaligned pipes: It can be hard to know the exact reason for why your drains don’t work as they should so using a CCTV inspection to reveal things like crushed pipes or tree root growth is ideal.

If you are in Sydney and need any drains inspected, your best choice is C.S Crown Plumbing which is a local plumbing business servicing residents around the area.

You must get in touch with them if you notice the following signs:

  • Pungent odours
  • Persistent blocks
  • Gurgling noises
  • Water that drains slowly
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