What Are the Benefits of Plumbers Using CCTV Drain Inspections?

CCTV drain inspections are an important and effective tool, used for diagnosing drain and pipe problems including blockages, leaks, cracks, tree root damage and crushed pipework.

Usually, your plumber will try other methods to resolve your issue first, but drain problems can be hard to diagnose without having a closer look and in many cases, regular methods just won’t work. CCTV can be sent down the drain to get a closer look at real cause of the problem.

Here are some of the main benefits of CCTV camera inspections.

No Excavation

Before CCTV was utilised in plumbing, in some cases, an entire backyard would need to be dug up to locate the source of problem! Excavations can not only be messy, time-consuming and laborious, they usually can cost a fortune too. CCTV is the perfect alternative to digging up a backyard!

Real-time Results

CCTV drain inspections happen in real time, allowing plumbers to have the most exact view possible of the internal pipe structure, blockages, and condition. They also have the ability to record the entire inspection process on DVD and prepare comprehensive reports.

Cost Effective

Diagnosing plumbing issues with CCTV generally costs a lot less than other methods, like sending in heavy machinery to dig up drains and pipes. It’s simple, fast and effective!


This method is much more accurate than others. It gives plumbers a real picture from inside the pipe that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain. CCTV drain inspections are particularly helpful when locating and diagnosing leaks and other damage as it displays the sub-surface structure and allows for examinations of the footage afterward in more detail.

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