The Three Main Causes of Hot Water System Leakage

If you have a hot water system, then you might experience a leak at some point of its usage. It is best to be aware of some of the main causes of why a hot water system might leak.

Some of the common cause of a hot water system leak are:

  • Damaged tank: Most leaks occur due to a faulty or damaged tank. If the tank is leaking, then there is an internal problem. It is possible that one of the internal components have become damaged and is causing water to leak and pool slowly.
  • Loose or leaking pipe joints: Over the years, fittings can come loose. Harsh weather and outdoor elements can also contribute to the damage. Depending on the type of system you have, it can be easily fixed, or you might have to have the entire system replaced.
  • Leak in pressure or temperature valve: Its normal for this valve to occasionally jet out small amounts of water, it should not be a continuous stream. If there is a large puddle of water near your system, your valve might need replacing.

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