Do I Need a Plumber to Unclog My Toilet?

There are home handyman tools you can use to unclog your toilet –  however, you are always best to hire a licensed plumber in Sydney regions. As expert plumbers, we see all sorts of plumbing problems and scenarios and have the experience and expertise to diagnose any plumbing dilemma.

Professional plumbers have the equipment, and know-how to fix a problem permanently. If a small problem is left or incorrectly attended to, it can cause a plumbing emergency that can result in a messy and unhygienic situation for your home. And no-one wants that!

Tools of the Trade

Sometimes tools are needed that you do not already own. A toilet snake may do the trick – it is, however, just designed to clean the immediate toilet lines and may be some distance from the main drain. Plumbers have a higher grade of tools and are experienced at unclogging drains. Trying to unclog a drain yourself can lead to the breaking of your drains, fixtures, and fittings.

If you have a clogged toilet you are best to check your other drains checked at the same time. When there is a minor clog your other lower drains can have plumbing problems as well. The bath or shower may also have a blockage. Drainage problems in the toilet can lead to sewerage coming back into your bath and shower and even your sinks.

Before you are left with plumbing problems that can affect your home and health –  and create a smelly mess-  call an experienced plumber to unblock your toilet drains.


If the blockage is further down the line a plumber may need to use a cabling machine. These have blades which help to cut away at materials that can be blocking your lines.

A licensed plumber is recommended to unblock drains.

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